HCBC 4 – A Mini Meeting! (Part 2)

(Finally) I've managed to write up the results from HCBC 4, read on for some great beers!


The Trilogy MMXVIII – Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of my reviews of Northern Monk's Trilogy MMXVII featuring the second beer from the trilogy - Yeast. To read about the first one, Malt, see Part 1 here. Yeast - Verdant Collaboration For the second beer in the trilogy we have a Sour IPA brewed in collaboration with Verdant. This … Continue reading The Trilogy MMXVIII – Part 2

The Trilogy MMXVIII – Part 1

Welcome back after what I hope was a great Christmas for all of you, to the first in my latest set of blogs, this time dedicated to Northern Monk's 2018 Trilogy release! Every year they release a Trilogy that tries to showcase the most basic building blocks of craft beer. Every year they choose a … Continue reading The Trilogy MMXVIII – Part 1

Candidate Breakfast Stout

A short blog on a collaboration beer from Five Towns Brewery and Beer Central. It won a champion beer award at Salford Beer Festival, let's see if it deserves it! Billed as a 'Breakfast Stout' and coming in at 9%, I was prepared for quite a big hitter. The blurb mentions blueberries, coffee and a … Continue reading Candidate Breakfast Stout

Spotlight on… Cerveses La Pirata Brewery (Part 3)

The final chapter in a series of 3 mini blogs (Part 1 and Part 2) is here, lets take a look at the final offering from Cerveses La Pirata! The last beer to be sampled was  Block Tovarisch , a 13% Russian Imperial Stout brewed as a collab with Laugar Brewery. Very different to the other three … Continue reading Spotlight on… Cerveses La Pirata Brewery (Part 3)

Spotlight on… Cerveses La Pirata Brewery (Part 2)

Continuing on from Part 1 of this series of mini blogs featuring beers from Cerveses La Pirate, we have two stronger beers including a NEIPA and an Imperial IPA! First off is Panòptic, a New England IPA. Again, I really liked the bottle design and when you read the translation of its description on Untappd, it definitely continues … Continue reading Spotlight on… Cerveses La Pirata Brewery (Part 2)