The Crew

Introducing the recurring cast members of Hutch’s Craft Beer Club…

Main Cast

Andy (Hutch) –  On a mission to try as many different types and variations as possible ranging from traditional Pale Ales to Experimental Sours. Set up the craft beer club to share his outspoken beer opinions with whoever will listen!

Tom – Recently fulfilled his lifelong ambition of moving to Sheffield (seriously, its a nice place!) Initially cautious around sour beer but the walls are slowly breaking down.

Alex – A Doctor who has the dubious honour of having lived with Hutch for 3 years. Luckily he lived to tell the many *many* embarrassing tales. He’ll try any beer you put in front of him but will certainly make his opinion known!

Brett – An absolute liability, give him rules and he wont listen to any of them (just look at how he scores beer, ruined my whole system!) Does love a beer though, can’t knock him for that.

Andrew – The second Doctor on this list, having completed his PhD he went on to realize his lifelong ambition of becoming part of a regular beer society, arguably his greatest achievement.

Tim – Sensing a pattern here? Doctor No.3, specializing in Lasers or something. Think Northern grumpy old man (although he is actually from Chesterfield). Likes a pint of anything alcoholic.

Sam – When he isn’t travelling the length and breadth of the country for his real job, Sam is up for whatever social event you can throw at him, beer tasting included! Currently a bit sour-averse but I’m sure we can change that!

Liv – Likes to shout about her German heritage (particularly football) but in reality they got knocked out of the World Cup before England so all she has is beer now. 

Sam R – Partner of Liv, and annoyingly good at pretty much any sport, Sam recently drove me all the way to Newquay and back and didn’t kill me, someone give that man a medal!

Occasional Samplers 

Fork – The 4th Doctor to join HCBC and the first non-beer drinker. The better half of Tom offers a unique perspective, look at her scores if you are at the start of your craft beer journey!

Nibbo – Oldest friend of Hutch and seasoned trooper in the art of beer tasting. Was there in the dark years of Coors Light consumption but together they have seen the light. Probably the most knowledgeable person on this blog when it comes to beer.

Jake – Brother of Nibbo and only recently joined the fold of beer drinkers. Can’t stand an imperial stout but happy to drink a sour all day long.