The Rating System

For the main tasting sessions of Hutch’s Craft Beer Club, we’ve developed our own rating system (which is still a bit of a work in progress!). Unfortunately this is the boring page on this site – the method behind the madness!

After doing a couple of sessions, the rating system we have decided on going forward is as follows;

Appearance (10) – This not only takes into account appearance of the beer itself but also the can/bottle which we feel is a vital part of the whole experience!

Smell (10) – Pretty self-explanatory this one!

Taste (40) – Arguably the most important part of any beer hence it taking the biggest weighting!

Aftertaste (30) – And following close behind is Aftertaste which is still very important, no point packing a beautiful initial taste if it disappears straight away!

Drinkability (10) – Some people in the club take this to be ‘How many of these would you want to drink’ whereas I mostly see it as ‘Would I go out and actively seek it out again’. This was initially rated as out of 30 for the first two sessions but we have since re-jigged things to give this rather ambiguous rating a bit less prominence.

In addition to that, we have an overall ‘Guide’ to what the total ratings mean;

80> – Unique beer – Go and buy it right now
70-80 – Fantastic beer that’s worth seeking out
60-70 – Good beer that is maybe let down by one minor point
50-60 – Decent beer that you would happily drink but has its flaws
40-50 – Tolerable, but you probably wouldn’t drink it again
<40 – Not worth your time, let down by major issues

This page may be updated as we go along depending on how the scores start averaging out, but right now it seems to be working! Now go and read the fun bits!