Wishful Drinking – Rickmansworth

Welcome back! After a long hiatus for exams, conferences, papers and the like, I’m finally back to some semblance of normal and ready to get blogging about beer again!

This little article is about the beers that I purchase at a great new bottle shop and tap room in Rickmansworth (near Watford) called Wishful Drinking that I discovered whilst visiting family. Apart from sharing their name with the autobiography of the incomparable Carrie Fisher, they stocked a great range of bottles and cans and plenty of draft lines as well!

Today’s selection!

3 Weiss Monkeys – London Fields Brewery  – White IPA – 5%

Kicking off with a beer from London Fields Brewery, who I’ve never sampled before, is an always intriguing ‘White IPA’.

For me, this falls far more on the wheat beer side of the equation than it does IPA, but there’s definite hoppy notes that come through behind the strong banana tastes. Has a little sourness to it which is nice and is very dry which was unusual but worked well. The scent is quite punchy and it’s very full bodied, nicely drinkable on a warm day!

Great can design on this one!

Overall Rating – I would give this beer 3.50 on Untappd I think, It’s nice and drinkable with good flavours and a nice aftertaste. Just a bit hoppier and it would’ve elevated it, but then I love me some hops!

Blackcurrant Tart – Fierce – Fruity Sour Ale – 4.5%

Next up is a beer from a brewery we know all too well here at HCBC having raved about them on several occasions!

And this beer will be no different! A brilliant sour beer, honestly it tastes like a Ribena beer its that fruity (dealers choice as to whether that will appeal to you!). The blackcurrant comes through really strongly both on the nose and on the taste-buds, with the sourness pitched at exactly the right level. Very tart, but also super light and refreshing.

Look at that colour!!

Overall Rating – This gets a 4.50 from me, I would probably say that if you are looking to try a sour beer for the first time, then one of Fierce beers fruity series is almost certainly the way to go. Delicious.

Burning Effigy – Mad Squirrel – Smoked Porter – 6.0%

Lastly we have a smoked porter from Mad Squirrel, another brewery I’ve never been lucky enough to sample before. As soon as I saw ‘Smoked Porter’ I went straight for this as the smoky ones always add an extra layer for me.

This is a really nice porter overall, very smoky with a lot of nutty undertones. Quite smooth as well and does have that tang of strength to be expected from a 6.0%er. Heavy roasted notes hit you on the nose and then its a nice and creamy full bodied texture. It’s not the kind of beer you could have several of (these sorts of beers rarely are) but I would definitely have one if I saw it on.

Exactly how a porter should look, no seeing through that!

Overall Rating – A very enjoyable beer overall, and I’ll give it a 4.00/5.00. It’s got a lot of great complex flavours and would go great on a cold winters evening, so ask me again in winter and it might go up a few points!

Final Word

Just a short blog for you this week as I look to generate some more material to write about in the coming weeks! Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for sticking with me through the hiatus! Shout out to Wishful Drinking once again, If you are every in the area check it out, it’s a great little place that deserves to flourish.


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