Hopping Around – Budapest!

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to head off to Budapest, and couldn’t very well travel to a new country without sampling some of the local craft beer! Here are three of my highlights;

Rafa – Sour IPA – 6.8% – Fehér Nyúl Brewery

Complete lucky dip that I picked on name alone without even knowing what it was! Turns out I got very lucky as this is delicious! Has a fresh sour tang to it and then carries on to be really fresh and fruity. Heavy on the oranges and hits you with a very sharp finish.


Andy’s Untappd Score : 4.50

Andy’s Take – A brilliant Sour IPA which tasted very similar to a braggot with that thick syrupy mouthfeel. Really nice!

Heavy Daddy – New England IPA – 7.0% – Reketye Brewery

Soft fruity and sweet notes on the nose, with a really creamy mouthfeel. It’s a very thick beer as you can probably tell from the photo below! A lot of exotic fruit favour with very little bitterness, kind of like a calypso ice lolly! Doesn’t taste anywhere near 7% which makes it dangerous!


Andy’s Untappd Score : 4.00

Andy’s Take – A really fresh, juicy NEIPA which was absolutely perfect for a nice relaxing drink in the sun. If you are ever in Budapest – Jonas Craft Beer house is a quality place to drink!

Double Pelletration – Imperial Stout – 11% – Reketye Brewery

It does appear that the Hungarian craft brewers don’t tend to brew low ABV beers! I’m sure they are out there but everything I saw was over 6% and this beer was a beast at 11%!

Quite a light scent with coffee and roasted malts, followed by an extremely dark pour that literally blocks out the sun. Quite thick with an initial hit of sweetness followed by really intense coffee notes that linger for a long time.


Andy’s Untappd Score : 3.50

Andy’s Take – It’s a delicious beer and if you like coffee then this is absolutely for you, but the strength was a tad overpowering for me! I was poured a very generous third that wasn’t far off a pint, so there may have been some ABV fatigue towards the end! Still a nice beer though.

Next Time

Hopefully that’s given a decent flavour of the thriving craft beer scene in Budapest, there were certainly more beers I could have written about (not all of them good though – see my Untappd check ins!) and some excellent places to drink.

The next blog will likely be either the next round up of HCBC scores or Part 2 of the Homebrewing Blog! We’ve just bottled an American IPA so I may wait to see what the results of that are first!



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