Sampling Sheffield’s Finest (Part 2)

Well here we are, 5th day of Sheffield Beer Week, and my final blog of this mini marathon! This blog is part 2 of my Sheffield-centric reviews featuring the second three beers from local Sheffield breweries!

I Hope you’ve enjoyed this week of a blog-a-day, it’s been fun (and stressful!) to write so much content in a short space of time and hopefully you’ve seen something you like to stick around for future blogs 🙂

Unbeliever – Abbeydale  – Pina Colada Sour – 4.9%

The second beer we sampled from Abbeydale, but this time just on their own rather than in collaboration, and from their ‘Unbeliever’ series where they rotate recipies within multiple different core themes, such as Salvation which I believe is on about their 12th different beer under that name. Anyway, this one is a Pina Colada Sour!


I was expecting a lot more on the nose from this one than we got in the end, it’s got a very gentle aroma. Very good consistency from a sour with just the right amount of fizz.

Tom – High drinkability, basically a really solid sour

I didn’t get a huge amount of Pina Colada to it when tasting, but it was there albeit very subtle. It’s not hugely tart, again I would probably describe the sour levels as ‘gentle’. A touch of pineapple there at the end lifts it a little, and it’s further towards the bitter end of the spectrum than a few sours I’ve had recently which is a refreshing change.

Overall Rating – I would give this beer 3.75/5.00 on Untappd. The low sourness makes it very easy drinking and refreshing, with just a few little twists to make it stand out.

Sandygate – Crosspool Ale Makers Society – Blonde Ale – 3.6%

This next beer has snuck into this blog via the tap takeover at Two Sheds at part of Sheffield Beer Week. Me and Tom were then to sample the new wares, and I chose to write up a little piece as part of this to review the Blonde Ale, Sandygate.


With an ABV of just 3.6%, this is one drinkable beer! When we chatted to the brewer Mark about it, he had this to say;

I’m not going to proclaim it as the best beer in the world, but most peoples reaction to drinking it is ‘Mmm yeah that’s nice actually!’ so I think we’ve done alright

And he’s right! It’s a nice, sessionable blonde ale that delivers exactly what you what expect. The kind of drink that is suddenly gone and you don’t know how! Sometimes beer doesn’t need fancy tricks and high ABV to be a good beer!

Overall Rating – A 3.50 from me, it delivers exactly what it should do. Could drink two or three and still be enjoying them freely.

1 Mutual Friend – Lost Industry & Boutilliers – Braggot – 7.4%

Finally, bringing HCBC’s Sheffield Beer Week proceedings to a close is ‘1 Mutual Friend’ a collaboration between Sheffield based Lost Industry and Boutilliers of Faversham, Kent. Lost Industry are kings of sours in my view, and this one continued that theme of knocking out ace sour after ace sour.


The pour on this was incredibly thick, and the aroma coming off it so strong that Tom knew when I had opened the bottle the other side of the room. It’s got an intense orange aroma with a lot of sweetness. You’ll have to forgive Tom for his description below, he genuinely meant it as a compliment but this is what happens when you let wildlife fans taste beer…

Tom – Smells like the bins in a zoo (!! He subsequently explained that this is the enclosure bins which are full of fruit, not just the regular bins… Still I think i need to have words about his descriptive powers….) Very fruity and my favourite of the night!

My notes on this beer contain many expletives exclaiming how much I liked this beer. It’s like a calypso ice lolly in lovely alcoholic form. So fruity and just tart enough that it raises all the other tastes around it. A herby undertone adds even more depth of flavour, and the thick creamy texture that comes with a braggot just makes it even better. This is genuinely fantastic.

Overall Rating – It was a big decision for me on this one, but in the end it gets a 4.75/5.00. It’s a truly brilliant beer, and I really would encourage you to go out and try it. So many complex flavours all adding up to something special.

Final Word

And there you have it, ending Sheffield Beer Week for HCBC with a final flourish of an amazing beer. I’ll be taking a short break now as I’m off on holiday, but when I get back it’s on to Part 2 of my homebrewing blog and of course, ever more iterations of HCBC!

Hopefully there’s been something to interest you this week, let me know on Twitter and Facebook if there’s anything you would like to see more of! Here’s to another great Sheffield Beer Week!


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