Doobie – The Gipsy Hill Brewing Company

Last night myself and Tom were at the always wonderful Itchy Pig sampling their finest, and we came across a beer that honestly I loved so much that I felt compelled to write a little proper review for it! So without further ado…

Doobie – Sour Fruited Gose – Gipsy Hill – 4.8%

In this ridiculous heatwave we are having, you’re always looking for a drink to be properly refreshing and thirst quenching. Well, look no further than this superb fruited Gose from Gipsy Hill!


The flavours on this really punch you in the face. It’s certainly not a gentle, entry level sour, this is proper face puckering goodness. The scent really hits you as soon as you pour it, rich and fruity. Then what follows is a really silky mouthfeel with a lot of saltiness and spiky fruit flavours. The salt really accentuates all the other flavours, though I imagine a few people may be put off by the levels of salt despite the salt properly elevating it in my opinion.

The lactose in it works tremendously well, and everything just combines to make this, in my opinion, as close to a perfect example of a Gose as you are going to get. If you see this beer on sale, I would go for it straight away.

Final Thoughts

As you may be able to tell, I really loved this beer and thought it deserved highlighting more than just a quick review on Untappd. I’ll be posting it to Untappd later today with a 4.75 rating, and it fully deserves that lofty score in my opinion.




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