Doobie – The Gipsy Hill Brewing Company

Last night myself and Tom were at the always wonderful Itchy Pig sampling their finest, and we came across a beer that honestly I loved so much that I felt compelled to write a little proper review for it! So without further ado... Doobie - Sour Fruited Gose - Gipsy Hill - 4.8% In this … Continue reading Doobie – The Gipsy Hill Brewing Company

The Second Meeting – Part 1

Welcome back to a slightly overdue write-up of the second tasting session of Hutch's Craft Beer Club! A quick note on the scoring - we realized quite early during this session that drinkability is weighted far too heavily. That's been changed for future editions, but for this one stays as a 30 weight score. This … Continue reading The Second Meeting – Part 1