Weekly Roundup – 02/09/18

The third new series I’ll be bringing you is a weekly short blog highlighting my favourite beers of the week! Follow me on Untappd (HutchCraftBeer) to see these reviews as they happen, although I’ll be expanding on them a little bit in these blogs!

Blank Space – Sour Gose – Wild Weather Ales

When your train from York is delayed, where else are you going to spend your time than in the wonderful York Tap? Whilst complaining about the state of our rail network I enjoyed not one but two whole pints of this beauty. It’s rare for me to fancy a pint of a sour, to have 2 in a row is unheard of.

So drinkable, it has a delicious lime twist and a good salty aftertaste. I’m impressed that the lime doesn’t overpower the whole thing. Gave it a 4.5 on Untappd!

Apricots by Post – Milkshake IPA – Steam Machine Brewing Co.

The follow-up drink after those two lovely Blank Space’s, was Apricot By Post. I’ve had a rough time of it with Milkshake IPA’s recently, they’ve nearly always dissapointed. However, I have to say that this one really hit all the right notes.

Apricot is a very difficult flavour to do well in beer, but it works tremendously in this beer. A lot of that is down to the creamy taste and mouthfeel which compliments it well. a 7% beer that doesn’t taste anywhere close to that amount. Gave it 4.25 đŸ™‚

Mangifera – Fruited Sour – Buxton Brewery

I’m really enjoying my sour beers at the moment, and this one is once again a fantastic example. I would also classify this one as a ‘Session Sour’, but maybe slightly less so than Blank Space.

It’s got a really sharp tartness to it and is incredibly smooth. The all important saltiness is present and correct, and the mango comes through gently at the end. Another 4.25!

And that’s all for this week! Going to try and diversify away from sours for this weeks sampling!

Hopefully I’ll be back on form with the writing now that I’m going to be less busy at work. Plenty to look forward to with hopefully HCBC – The Second Meeting coming later this week!


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