Hopping Around – Peakender 2018 (Part 2)

Hello and welcome to part 2 of ‘Hopping Around – Peakender 2018’

Part 2 becomes much more of a sour fest, with one absolute cracker in particular. Let’s get started!

Days of Creation – Barrel Aged Sour Red Ale – 7%

Sam’s tasting notes – Very balsamic with tart raspberry, smooth with a good moutfeel

Jake’s tasting notes – Couldn’t drink that, would go well on fish and chips! Too balsamic for me.

Both of the Niebylski brothers are spot on here, though with different overall opinions! It is indeed a very balsamic taste which threatens to – but doesn’t quite – overpower the whole drink. What you end up with is an incredibly tart beer, with a heavy fruity tang to it. I got cherry and raspberry as an aftertaste.


Andy’s Untappd Score : 4.25
Sam’s Untappd Score : 4.25

Andy’s Take – A lovely sour beer (winner of a silver medal at the 2016 Beer World Cup) and the fact its barrel aged really makes it special. One of the best Thornbridge beers I’ve had recently, delicious. Gave it 74 in the HCBC scoring system.

Yeast 17 BA DDH – Northern Monk – Red Wine Barrel Aged Saison – 10%

Sam’s tasting notes – Smells like marzipan and tastes every bit a 10% beer

Jake’s tasting notes – Marzipan overload, its alright overall

So we move to another barrel aged beer, this time a saison. It’s… not as good as the previous one I have to say. It’s not bad, its just not amazing either. Very heavy on the marzipan/candy smell which threatens to overpower it. The taste doesn’t linger for very long.


Andy’s Untappd Score : 3.25
Sam’s Untappd Score : 3.50

Andy’s Take – A nice enough saison that overpowers itself with its heavy marzipan notes. If that was dialed back just a touch it would elevate it to a great beer. Scored 62

Triple Fruited Gose -North Brewing Co. – Sour Gose – 4.5%

Sam’s tasting notes – Smells like fruit punch, more fruity than sour, smooth and juicy

Jake’s tasting notes – Looks like tomato juice, is very very nice

Packs an absolute wallop of fruit that hits you straight off the bat.  Its very very juicy and a fabulous smooth mouthfeel. It reminds me a lot of a Belgian fruit sour like kriek. It also has that essential saltiness that makes a good sour a great one.


Andy’s Untappd Score – 4.25
Sam’s Untappd Score – 4.25

Andy’s Take – If you didn’t work it out from my description, I loved this. The intense fruitiness, salt, mouthfeel, everything comes together perfectly to make a truly impressive beer. Rated 81 but I genuinely regret that score and would increase to 86 if I had the chance!

Still Life – Dry Hopped Sour (Berliner Weisse) – Mikeller/Beavertown – 2.8%

Sam’s tasting notes – One of the best sours I’ve ever had (followed by stunned silence and a huge grin, disbelieving looks at me and back at the beer)

Jake’s tasting notes – You could live off this beer, or drink it as a lunchtime refresher at work

I’ll get straight to the point, this is easily one of the best beers I’ve had in a long long time and just maybe the best sour I’ve ever had. It’s got a brilliant tartness, the dry hopping gives it a really lovely underlying taste. It really does back a huge amount of flavour in and doesn’t even taste 2.8%.  So smooth and refreshing, a perfect drink to break up a session.


Andy’s Untappd Score – 4.75
Sam’s Untappd Score – 4.75

Andy’s Take – I can’t give this high enough praise. It is so refreshing, clean and tart. You could drink it all day but above all else I would recommend it on a lovely sunny day, the perfect accompaniment. Go find it if you can and try it for yourself. Got an 89 in the HCBC scoring system.  

Final Word

Well Peakender 2018 came and went with a stunning range of beers, the 3 that stood out for me were Patrons Project 14.02, the Triple Fruited Gose and of course ‘Still Life’ The only real disappointment was Coco Cocao but I am going to make a point of trying that again to see if my opinion stays the same. Would highly recommend Peakender to anyone who likes craft beer, its a fantastic event! Stay tuned for the second session of ‘Hutch’s Craft Beer Club’ coming soon and more exciting new series!

While you’re here, check out https://thebeer.uk/ for some fantastic beer reviews, brewer interviews and plenty more beer-related goodness! 



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