Hopping Around – Peakender 2018 (Part 1)

Hello and welcome to a series of more bite-sized blogs detailing my visits to various craft beer events/venues/breweries!

This week we will be delving into the vast variety of beers sampled at Peakender festival in Bakewell, organised by Thornbridge and featuring a multitude of different breweries. Joining me on this visit were The Niebylski Brothers (Sam and Jake). Sam is an experienced sampler having over 1200 different beer reviews on Untappd. Jake is new to the craft beer world but is a sucker for a sour! We’ll hear from both of them as we travel through the day.

Maison #3 – Wild Beer – Saison / Farmhouse Ale – 5%

Sam’s tasting notes – Yeasty aroma, fresh bitterness from floral hops, doesn’t taste strong as 5%.

Jake’s tasting notes – It’s nice, smells nice.

Jake is a man of very few words! Though for me, his words sum up this beer. It’s got a nice golden colour with a gentle aroma, sharp on the tongue, a little bit disappointing aftertaste wise but I put that down to me expecting something a little bit more sour.


Andy’s Untappd Score : 3.25
Sam’s Untappd Score : 3.50

Andy’s Take – A nice session beer that doesn’t make any waves but lovely to sit and drink a few on a sunny day. By my detailed scoring system I would give this 61 ( A good beer).

Patrons Project 14.02 – Northern Monk – Cacoa, Tonka Bean & Cherry Imperial Stout – 10%

Sam’s tasting notes – Can’t quite get the Tonka and the cherry is far more on the nose than the palette, but it’s a fantastic beer

Jake’s tasting notes – No thank you!

A dark, slightly syrupy Imperial Stout with a subtle creamy mouthfeel and that sharp twist of cherry giving it real depth. I could definitely get the cherry taste myself, but each to their own!


Andy’s Untappd Score : 4.50
Sam’s Untappd Score : 4.50

Andy’s Take – A really impressive Imperial Stout from Northern Monk (in collaboration with Amundsen). The cherry is a great subtle twist and its staggeringly drinkable for a 10% beer, could have easily had more. Given it a whopping 84 in my scores (An exceptional beer)

Coco Cocoa

Sam’s tasting notes – Not sure if a bad batch or just a bad beer but not very nice

Jake’s tasting notes – Andy’s face when drinking it said all you have to know!

Jake is spot on here, I did not make a happy face when drinking this! Thornbridge are usually so reliable, and Cocoa Wonderland is a nice beer which this is a variant on, so I’m not sure what went wrong with this. Too fizzy, the coconut dominates too much and the aftertaste is a tad too bitter.


Andy’s Untappd Score – 2.50
Sam’s Untappd Score – 2.75

Andy’s Take – Disappointing this one, and I’m inclined to believe it was just a bad batch because plenty of people I know have tried this and raved about it. Still, you can only judge whats in front of you and this was poor. Measly 43 from me.

Next Time

That’s it for this session, tune in for Part 2 where we get very sour indeed, with a range including a saison, dry hopped sour and a triple fruited gose. Spoiler alert – one of them gets the highest score I’ve given so far!



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