Weekly Roundup – 09/09/18

It’s been a good week for nice beers – helped by the fact that I spent Thursday evening in Brew York’s new Beer Hall which has 40 beers on tap!

Imperfect Storm – Milk Stout – Eden Mill Distillery & Brewery

This was brought for me by Alex after he visited family in Scotland and I definitely appreciate it! A really creamy mouthfeel but with all the dark, coffee and chocolate overtones that you want from a milk stout which remain subtle enough to enable the creaminess to maintain centre stage.

Could have many pints of this on a cold winter night, but it was equally good on a warm late summer evening! Gave it a 4.25 on Untappd, great beer.

Raspberry Tart – Sour – Fierce Beer

As soon as this was sat down in front of me I knew I would like it, the raspberry smell coming out of the glass was fantastic. That intense fruit carries on into the taste/aftertaste to the point it felt like I was sat there eating a bowl of raspberries. Add to that mix a real sharp tartness followed by a smooth finish and you are on to a winner.

Unsurprisingly, I loved this. It got a 4.5 from me on Untappd, if you see it on draft then go for it!

Toasted Maple Stout – Imperial Stout – Lervig 

*Beer of the week*

On my review of this on Untappd I opened with ‘What is this?!’ and that sentiment remains here! It’s a veritable maelstrom of tastes with the maple dominating and the toasted malts complimenting that wonderfully. The lactose in there melds it all into a creamy, syrupy finish.

It once again got a 4.5 from me on Untappd. Couldn’t have a huge amount of it (at least without a few forays into sour beers in between). but what you do have is a fantastic beer that sets an example for maple stouts.

Venue Review – Brew York Beer Hall

Just a quick final note on the Brew York Beer Hall. If you are in York and have time, then definitely head over. The range of different beers on tap is fantastic and the long benches/tables give it a really sociable, friendly atmosphere. Check it out!


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