Sampling Sheffield’s Finest (Part 1)

My second blog of the week celebrating Sheffield Beer Week, and this time I sat down with my friend Tom to sample some beers from some of the finest Sheffield breweries! This blog is part 1 featuring the first three, stay tuned for Part 2 coming up later this week!

Grafter – Abbeydale / Devonshire Cat – DDH IPA – 5.8%

First up is a double dry hopped IPA from renowned Sheffield brewery Abbeydale and the fantastic city centre pub the Devonshire Cat.


The first think that strikes you about this beer is it’s extremely distinctive colour, which basically matches the flashy yellow of the can whilst it also looks incredibly thick and hazy. I didn’t personally get a huge aroma from it.

Tom – You could totally be an alcoholic with this beer – it tastes of fruit juice! Bit of mango/pineapple at the back of the throat. Delicious.

Upon tasting, you get a lot of sweetness with a very creamy mouthfeel. Its got a really nice dry bitterness to it as well, with a lot of hoppy character coming through (as you would expect!). Very drinkable and like Tom says, pretty dangerous when beer tastes like this!

Overall Rating – I would give this beer 4.00/5.00 on Untappd. Nice, well-rounded beer that hits all the right notes for a DDH IPA.

Renovator – The Sheffield Brewery Co. – Black IPA – 5.3%

Next we have Renovator, a black IPA from the Sheffield Brewery Co located in Neepsend. Tom’s reaction to smelling then tasting this was ‘smells chocolatey… oooohhoohohohoooo yes’ and that’s about all I got out of him for this one!


He’s not wrong about the smell, brilliant chocolate aroma and underneath the roasted malt is that nice hoppiness you want from a black IPA. It’s a very dark pour with a slight head, to look at it makes you think it’s going to be thicker like a stout but that wasn’t the case.

It’s a clash of two different types of bitterness that elevates this beer, with a bitterness from the roasted malt, and a further bitterness from the hops that tie together nicely. The coffee aftertaste lingers for quite a while, it’s a very good cold evening with a warm fire drink. Only complaint, as it usually is with black IPAs, is that it’s slightly too carbonated.

Overall Rating – This one gets a 3.75 from me, nice black IPA with complex aroma and tastes.

Lupé – St Mars of the Desert – Hoppy Golden Beer – 5.5%

Rounding of Part 1 is Lupé from St Mars of the Desert (great name) who are based out in Attercliffe. Very new to the Sheffield beer scene but bringing some exciting ideas from across the pond!


Lovely colour gradient on the pour, taken the definition of ‘golden beer’ and really living up to it! Minimal head or fizz which regular readers will know makes it an automatic win for me.

Tom – Hoppy but not overly so, don’t get it in my jowls like a lot of other beers. Quite a bit maltier than expected. Great session beer.

This is pretty much the quintessential easy drinking beer for me, very soft on the palette. It’s light and dry with a very slightly bitter finish. Would be a great option for giving to someone as their very first beer. Would happily buy a case for a BBQ or picnic, I imagine it’s the perfect sunny day beer.

Overall Rating – I’m going to give it 4.25, not because it does anything crazy or ‘out-there’ like some other beers, but because it absolutely nails the basics. Looking forward to drinking many of these over summer!

Final Word

Thanks for joining me again as part of these Sheffield Beer Week festivities! Remember to check out their website for many events near you, and get ready for the relentless march of new content to continue tomorrow!



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