The Trilogy MMXVIII – Part 1

Welcome back after what I hope was a great Christmas for all of you, to the first in my latest set of blogs, this time dedicated to Northern Monk’s 2018 Trilogy release! Every year they release a Trilogy that tries to showcase the most basic building blocks of craft beer. Every year they choose a certain theme tieing them all together and this year that is IPA.

It consists of a Brut IPA (Malt), Sour IPA (Yeast) and Triple IPA (Hops). Along for the ride are collaborators Whiplash, Verdant and Garage. Follow me through these three blogs as I find out whether they are up to the hype!

Malt – Whiplash Collaboration

First up is Malt, a Brut IPA brewed in collaboration with Whiplash. Coming in at 4.5% with an IBU of 15.

The first thing that hit me with this was the smell, a fantastic burst of juicy hoppiness straight out the can. I was also struck by how light the beer is, one of the palest IPAs I’ve ever had I think.

The jury is still out on Brut beers for me, so I was intrigued to see what this one did that might change my opinion. And I will say straight away that I think this is the best tasting Brut I’ve ever had, maybe down to the 5 different hops they’ve packed in!

Whereas other Bruts I’ve had have been way way too fizzy, this one has a really nice gentle carbonisation, complemented by the dry finish. Nicely bitter but with a good freshness to it as well. The aftertaste lingers for a nice length of time and it’s very easily drinkable. I would imagine it to be very nice on a hot summers day!

Overall, this was a really nice start to the Trilogy and a standout example of the genre for me. Very drinkable with a good balance of bitterness and dry finish. 4.00/5.00

Check back next time for part 2 of the trilogy, Yeast! Until then, Happy New Year and Cheers!


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