Candidate Breakfast Stout

A short blog on a collaboration beer from Five Towns Brewery and Beer Central. It won a champion beer award at Salford Beer Festival, let’s see if it deserves it!

Billed as a ‘Breakfast Stout’ and coming in at 9%, I was prepared for quite a big hitter. The blurb mentions blueberries, coffee and a hint of maple syrup.

It poured almost like syrup with minimal head, surprisingly not as thick as I was expecting though.

On the nose it’s a strongly dark fruit, almost a black forest gateaux feel to it. Then the initially taste backs that up with strong berries and an underlying heat from that 9% strength. A subtle coffee aftertaste brings it home.

What do long time collaborators Andrew and Tom think of it…

Tom – It’s very punchy, but choclatey and smooth. Fiery on the nose which I approve of.

Andrew – Fruity sweetness in there, smells of coffee but when you drink it its smooth sweet and delicious. Dark chocolate bitterness.

Andy’s Take – A really delicious complex beer that hits all of the right notes for a breakfast Stout. It’s got a real fire to it, and the usually difficult taste of blueberries comes through brilliantly. Top beer. Untappd Score – 4.50/5.00

Side note – I actually enjoyed this beer with a selection of cheese and meat, which was a fantastic combo, try it!


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