Hopping Around LIVE – Southampton!

Hello my friends and welcome once again to Hopping Around LIVE! This time we are in Southampton and I’m back in Dancing Man Brewery to sample some more of their delicious brews!

Same premise as last weeks live blog, keep checking back in for reviews as the evening goes on! Without further ado…

Electric Grapefruit Wizard – Dancing Man – IPA – 6%

We start with a Grapefruit IPA, and as well as my opinions you will be getting some choice comments from my colleagues who are here with me! Let’s hear from them;

Flora : It’s alright but I’m not getting anything special from it

Jack : Condensed – a lot of flavour packed in but not that drinkable

Tom : Smooth, mellow and very drinkable (contradicting Jack haha!)

Jethro : Definitely got a flavour that is a flavour… (Bless him he means it’s not generic haha)

My opinion? A tasty Grapefruit IPA that balances bitter and sweet nicely. I personally think it’s quite drinkable and doesn’t taste the 6% it is. A good start!

Andys Score : 4.00/5.00

White Crow – Dancing Man – Wheat IPA – 5.5%

Now on to a Wheat IPA which I am honestly struggling to describe. I can’t quite put my finger on what taste I’m getting.

Jack – Dry finish, mostly banana with a kinda oaky taste

Nishal – I can’t think of the words I just know I like it

Jethro – Kind of sweet, doesn’t really linger

Its definitely sweet and I definitely get banana tastes. But there’s something that I can’t put my finger on that I really like. It’s hoppy, it’s sweet and it’s nicely drinkable.

Andys Score : 3.75

Bovine Intervention – Dancing Man – Milk Stout

A milk Stout now which comes in at 4.5%. Was reccomended by the bar staff!

Flora – Smells like burnt marker pen, tastes like it too but with a hint of chocolate, it’s pretty good. Almond and amaretto. Kinda festive.

Charlie – Coffee notes to it and quite drinkable, my cup of tea

Jack – Like a cheerful Guinness

Tom – Coffee

I like this very much, it has a distinctly coffee hit which really sticks with you and that creamy smooth mouthfeel you want from a milk Stout. Good stuff.

Andy’s Score : 3.75

Necessary Evil – Dancing Man – Dry Hopped Lager – 5%

With some trepidation we move on to a lager! But this is no generic lager beer, this is a dry hopped lager!

Jethro – Originally thought it was kind of wheaty German but now feel its a bit sour but not in a bad way. Bit metallic at the end? It’s got a fruity baseload (dear reader, I have no idea what that means either haha)

Flora – I like this one – a nice texture. Like sparkling wine but as a beer.

Tom – Quite a sweet lager, not overpowering

It’s a good lager, and I quite like it. Lagers in general are a bit too gassy for me but this one does have a good depth of flavour and interesting tastes to dwell on. Enjoyable but not my kind of drink.

Andy’s Score : 3.5

Camshaft – Dancing Man – IPA – 5.6%

Unfortunatley for this last beer I’m on my own as no one else fancied having this one! We finish with a cask IPA coming in at 5.6%.

My very first reaction to this was that it really hits you with a strong bitter hoppiness. Personally, I love that. Its also incredibly sweet and smooth on the finish which is a great balance. Very good cask beer this.

Andys Score – 4.25

Final Word

Hope you’ve enjoyed this second live blog, the next one will be a return to regularly scheduled programming with part 2 of our northern championship! In closing I will say that if you are ever in the area, dancing man are truly a great brewery. For now, cheers for reading!

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