Hopping Around LIVE – Leeds

Welcome to a little experiment I conducted, live blogging the beers I sampled over the course of an evening in Leeds with my friend Tim!

Let me know if you enjoyed this style of blogging and we might see more in the future!

Stalin’s Cow – Tyne Bank – Imperial Stout

Wow what a start!!! This imperial Stout comes in at 10% but tastes nowhere near that. It’s not quite jet black, a little bit reddish. Slight maltiness on the nose which is nice. Absolutely delicious and incredibly smooth. Really gentle coffee and chocolate notes with a creamy finish. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste but doesn’t linger long.

Andy’s Untappd Score – 4.5

Tim’s Untappd Score – 4.5

Citra Smash – Exit 33 – IPA

Once again we have a beer that doesn’t taste its %. This time its a nicely happy 6.5% IPA from Sheffield based Exit 33. Its a bit biscuity on the nose and a really gentle hoppy taste. Not much bitterness to it and it’s actually quite sweet. Very drinkable but doesn’t quite stand out enough for me. Goes down like a 3% IPA and in Tim’s words, if you want to get drunk, then drink this!

Andy’s Untappd Score – 3.75

Tim’s Untappd Score – 4.0

Absolutely no worries – Hoppy brut IPA – Signature Brew

This one is a very floral and smooth IPA, that is a lot lot lighter than I expected. Its very smooth and once again doesn’t taste like the 6.5% that it is. It’s got a slightly creamy mouthfeel, but I would prefer it to go heavier on the hops to make it really great.

Andy’s Untappd Score – 3.75

Tim’s Untappd Score – 3.00

Sublime Chaos – Anarchy – Stout

This one definitely qualifies as jet black! Very heavy on the liquirce notes on the nose, and consistency wise its very thick and sticks to the roof of your mouth. This is actually a good thing! Really malty and strong, I like the intensity of it.

Andy’s Untappd Score – 4.00

Tim’s Untappd Score – 3.25

Sleeping Limes – Wild Beer – Gose

We finish the night with a palette cleansing Gose. The nose on this is a bit fruity, it’s very clear and doesn’t look like it has much body to it. However, it then transforms into a big hitter with big banana notes (in my opinion anyway!) and a really salty, fresh finish. Very nice. Unfortunatley as is often the case with sours, Tim did not like this at all! We’ll bring him around eventually!

Andy’s Untappd Score – 4.00

Tim’s Untappd Score – 2.25

I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s live blog, if you have then please give me a retweet/share it’s very appreciated. In the meantime look forward to the Northern HCBC special edition part 2 and many more exciting new features!


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