Hopping Around – Dancing Man Brewery (Part 2)

Part 2 of my trip to Dancing Man Brewery in Southampton!

Big Casino – IPA – 5.7%

A common theme throughout all the DMB beers I’ve had is how smooth they are, and this is no exception! It’s got a lovely strong floral aroma which translates into what is actually quite a lightly hoppy beer. It does have a bit of an alcoholic twang on the finish that I could’ve done without.


Andy’s Untappd Score : 3.75

Andy’s Take – Nice enough IPA that wins marks for its smoothness and aroma but then doesn’t really follow through, especially on aftertaste

Little Casino – Double IPA – 8%

Little Casino is definitely not smaller than it’s brother! Coming in at a hefty 8%, you can definitely taste that straight off the bat. Once again its brilliantly smooth with a creamy mouthfeel, and all the hoppy goodness you would expect from a DIPA (I may have forgotten to take a photo of this one until near the end!)


Andy’s Untappd Score : 4.00

Andy’s Take – Solid DIPA which combines the excellent creamy mouthfeel with some nice hoppy notes to create an easy drinking strong beer.

Raspberry Mother Pukka – Fruited Sour – 4.1%

A very special beer, and it’s recommendation was the reason I went to Dancing Man. I was not disappointed! The intensity of the raspberry is like no other sour I’ve tasted, which is complimented so well by a real tart finish. It’s smooth, juicy and so packed full of flavour that it’s difficult to get it across with just words!


Andy’s Untappd Score : 4.75

Andy’s Take – To put it simply, if you like any kind of fruit or sour beer, then buy this as soon as you see it. It’s fantastic and packs in more flavour than any other example of this type of beer I’ve had.

Coming Soon

Coming up soon we have the results from a Northern-themed HCBC, a venue review of a new micro-pub that’s opened round the corner from me, and a very special tasting session of the Rainbow Project 2018 box set! Cheers!



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