Hopping Around – Dancing Man Brewery (Part 1)

The past week I’ve been down in Southampton, and having been highly recommended, decided to head over to the Dancing Man Brewery and Tap Room. 6 beers followed, lets see how they rated!

Congo Driftwood – Pale Ale – 4.2%

Really nice pale ale this, and packs in the flavors compared to a lot of the standard pale ales you see floating about. The strong pineapple flavour really dominates which is complimented by the mango, all underlined by a lovely creamy texture. It’s perfect in the early autumn sun!


Andy’s Untappd Score : 4.25

Andy’s Take – Overall a quality pale ale that stands out for its intense fruity notes. Very drinkable.

Strawberry Moloko – Milkshake IPA – 5.7%

I really struggled to wrap my head around this one. What I can tell you is that it’s arguably the closest to milkshake I’ve had from a Milkshake IPA which have been pretty hit and miss for me. The strawberry really pushes through to the front and lends a touch of sourness, and the overall taste ends up being a bit like those strawberry milkshake gummy sweets you used to get in Woolworths #showingmyage


Andy’s Untappd Score : 3.75

Andy’s Take – A very odd experience but in no way unpleasant. Definitely succeeds at the milkshake part, it just felt like that next level ‘oomph’ was missing. Nice beer overall though.

Big Bad Stout – Stout – 6.8%

The clue is in the name for this one, a stout that really packs a wallop! You can definitley taste the extra strength of it, which some people like, I personally don’t want them to be blowing your head off and prefer them to hide the strength. However, It’s very smooth and sweet with a definite chocolate undertone.


Andy’s Untappd Score : 3.75

Andy’s Take – This would certainly have got higher marks from me had it been 1% lower, but then I guess it wouldn’t be a big bad stout! I think it was also tricky to fully appreciate it in the beautiful warm sunshine – not ideal stout weather! Either way, it’s worth checking out, but don’t have too many!

Next Time

Coming up as soon as I can write it will be Part 2 featuring Big Casino, Little Casino and Raspberry Mother Pukka! One of those three will be described as ‘Arguably the best example of this beer I’ve ever had’ Check back in to find out which!


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