Spotlight on… Cerveses La Pirata Brewery (Part 2)

Continuing on from Part 1 of this series of mini blogs featuring beers from Cerveses La Pirate, we have two stronger beers including a NEIPA and an Imperial IPA!

First off is Panòptic, a New England IPA. Again, I really liked the bottle design and when you read the translation of its description on Untappd, it definitely continues with a mildly disturbing theme which I think is pretty cool!


It looks really appetizing with that very thick, hazy appearance. It looks straight off like it’s going to be jam-packed with fruit and hops.

On tasting, it was very fruity indeed which when coupled with a lovely smooth creamy texture really made it a memorable beer. Big mango hit to it and it definitely had a boozy twist to it, not at all in a bad way either.

This one gets a 4.25/5.00 from me, really nice NEIPA which made me want more than the 330ml I managed to get hold of!

Second up was the Imperial IPA La Tremenda. This one went for a very different bottle design, which evoked memories of Dumbo’s pink elephant scene for me!


I must be honest when I say that this one didn’t fill me with hope when I poured it, that very dark malty look just didn’t get me excited. It poured very lively again so was a bit of a struggle to get the whole bottle out!

It had a very strong banana aroma to me, and was a tremendously thick beer. Real instant bitterness to it which was followed by a tinge of sweetness. It didn’t taste 8% but you can detect that alcoholic twang to it.

I probably couldn’t have much more than 330ml of it, because whilst it’s a nice beer it is a pretty big hitter in terms of smell, taste and % (everything really!). I think I will go with 3.25/5.00 for this beer, still a good score though.

Tune in to part 3 for a look at one more beer from Cerveses La Pirata! Let me know in tweets/comments what you think to this shorter style of blogs 🙂

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